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Social Issues

There is a reason why I generalize this to simply social issues. It’s because I believe there is one root cause of all of our social problems in America, politics. Our nation has become too politicized, you don’t like your neighbour because of who they voted for, you get on social media and argue policies with someone. These burdens are meant to be carried by our representatives on Capitol Hill, not splayed across our social fabric. These things are not meant to define us, race, political preference, love preference, economic level. We all as Americans are supposed to judge each other on our character, that’s the one thing that unites us all. The spirit and courage to be a good and caring person in this world and to pass it, should be the goal of everyone, starting with our representatives.

We must leave politics to the politicians if we ever wish to unite ourselves as Americans again. If I make it to D.C. that will be one of my main focuses, to work with any and all in a bipartisan matter to fix these things across our state and our nation. We must unite... by character, by virtues, by morals. We must stop letting everything going on around us control how we treat each other, if you live solely off the notion of racism, that’s how you’ll see everything. If you constantly think of how poor you are, you’ll never reach the goal of success. If you constantly make your life about being a same sex couple, you’ll never know the fulfilment of living that life and love to the fullest.

It’s what we learned as children, not to judge a book by its cover, no matter what the issue might be. You’re supposed to judge your fellow man based on what’s inside. We need to get back to that, if we don’t STOP looking at everything that divides us, we won’t be able to focus on uniting. We must find common ground everywhere, starting in D.C.

For my view points on individual issues, join me at any rally or feel free to contact me on any of my social outlets!

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