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Main Points

Time for an overview. There are some main things I want to focus on as a representative, insurances in our state, funding in our education system, the influence of corporations, and the continued building of middle America. There are other issues that I do find important, but these are the main ones that I think are problems in our state. These things ensure quality of life, our freedoms, and our future.

Our education system is in absolute shambles, from teacher’s pay to special education, it’s just a mess. This all started in 1993 with Proposal A, which only allowed communities to charge up to 18 mills on the taxable property. Leaving most of the financial burden on the state based on pupil count, to an already struggling state this cannot be our main source of funding. We need to continue the pupil count with a smaller amount and go back to also using property taxes to their fullest.

Our elections, being over taken and manipulated. We have to keep a closer watch on our officials when it comes to our elections. Into the future we do not want another election stolen like it was in 2020. We have let government keep tabs on government for too long! We have got to make a stand and get our system away from the corruption. Which means, getting back to hand counting ballots and removing corrupt officials from their seats. We need a full investigation into 2020 and new standards going into the future!

The continued building of the middle class in our state and our country is the most important, without it we are no better than a socialist nation. We need to be focused on American companies that are going to keep our jobs here. We need to have more emphasis on trade schools, jobs that can’t be exported, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, trades that will give people great jobs. This how we rebuild the middle class, emphasis on American companies, and getting generations set to have great jobs. We need to keep focus on this issue, there has to be more focus on jobs, especially in our state. We’ve known hardships, factories closing, our cities crumbling, poverty levels out of control. We can all know the American dream, to live comfortably right in the middle. For most of us, that’s all we want, is to just have our families, go to work, and enjoy life. We will get there, together, I’m fighting for all of you. 

Our country and our world is under constant attack on a daily basis. This isn't a right and left issue, this isn't about, race, our economic level. It is about the fight against the globalist that want to rule every one of the world's citizens, good and evil. There is an agenda in place, we all know it, they want to take our freedoms, our liberties. It's up to all of us to stop it, we can do this together!

Committee to Elect Ethan Hobson
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